Report directly to the Construction Manager/Resident Site Engineer.

This position is expected to carry the following responsibilities, but not limited to:

  1. Report directly to the Construction Manager/Resident Site Engineer.
  2. Review and understand the design intent of the project by studying Meinhardt drawings and specifications.
  3. Understand and comprehend internal and external project organization structure.
  4. Review of Contractors approved working/shop drawings.
  5. Perform field quality control observations and assessments, such as inspection of works on site to check if Contractor is installing in accordance with his approved working/shop drawings.
  6. Inspect and assess the quality of materials being used for construction projects.
  7. Advise Construction Manager/Resident Site Engineer of any observed Health and Safety issues
  8. Comply with Meinhardt’s QA procedures and utilize standard forms. Prepare forms as and when required.
  9. Report findings and any non-conforming works to Resident Site Engineer for correction procedure.
  10. Witness testing of materials to ensure compliance with design intent and specification.
  11. Undertake surveys, as and when required.
  12. Liaise with Resident Site Engineer and Construction Team to confirm for daily attendance and inspections.
  13. Keep daily site diary on progress and quality of construction works
  14. Prepare period reports and assessments for each project phase.
  15. Prepare and expedite project deficiency lists.
  16. Be proactive and report back to the Resident Site Engineer when tasks completed.
  17. Commit to continual professional development (CPD) and keep training records updated.
  18. Perform other office duties when required and should be willing to take on more responsibilities when asked.


  1. Diploma / Bachelor Degree from Civil Engineering
  2. Max age, 25 years old
  3. Have good knowledge about, AUTO CAD, Sketch Up, and Static Calculation
  4. Good Skill with Microsoft Office : Word, Excel, Power Point, Project, Adobe
  5. Understanding Technical Sketch
  6. Willing to learn and be located on the construction site.
  7. A sound knowledge of construction methods and health and safety are advantages.
  8. Excellent communication skills.